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Wizpresso & Hang Seng Index : AI-powered Asset Management Solution

Wizpresso is pleased to partner with Hang Seng Index to co-create a solution that transforms the stock selection process for index formulation. The solution, powered by natural language processing and deep learning, enables asset managers to search and rank companies using keywords and over 1,500 customizable parameters.

Anita, CEO of Hang Seng Indexes, said: “This cooperation further enriches the company’s product range and enhances its sophisticated index development capabilities, which will help meet the different needs of customers in terms of indices.”

Calvin Cheng, CEO and founder of Wizpresso, said: “As an important indicator of the Hong Kong stock market, the Hang Seng Index has strict requirements on the accuracy of data, and the compilation process involves extensive review and due diligence. Our system covers 12 global markets, more than 28,000 listed companies, and over 50 million disclosures. The solution enables Hang Seng Indexes to extract a large amount of information and conduct data analysis through company disclosures to compile sophisticated thematic indices within minutes.”

Press release on HK01 : https://www.hk01.com/hangsengwizpresso

Read more: https://www.hk01.com/社會新聞/791887/恒生指數公司夥數碼港初創開啟指數管理新篇章?utm_source=01webshare&utm_medium=referral

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